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4 min readDec 9, 2022

Social Media Personality and Podcast Interviewer Joe Vore has inked a mega deal with SnapChat Spotlight. Rep’s for Snapchat and Vore announced this week that the deal had been finalized.

Joe Vore

Spotlight is a new tab in the Snapchat app that shows short-form video content, or “Spotlight Snaps.” The Snaps in the Spotlight section can be up to 60 seconds long. Snapchat said it’s given away a massive $250 million (£189 million) to its community of Snappers, which we believe Vore will clearly be getting a portion of.

Vore calling the game for Fox Sports

Under the deal Vore will promote Spotlight, while posting his own unique creative content first on the platform for an exclusive time period, before he posts it to his other social media accounts on TikTok and Instagram. Since most of us consume large amounts of social media content, we want to get the content we want as soon as it hits a social media platform, so we can say we were the first to see it. The people at SnapChat have a great idea here, getting his followers over to Spotlight to create accounts, which then in turn grows their platform.

Vore got his start while attending ASU on the widely popular platform Daily Dropout, where his videos garnered over 30 million views. Dropout is the main competitor of Barstool Sports. Vore parted ways with Daily Dropout some years ago, when a deal with that platform could not be reached. Vore credits his Manager, Craig Rogalski for being the one that advocated on his behalf and helped him go independent.

Vore has said about Rogalski: “When there was money on the table, good money, he walked away because they wanted to own my IP, he could’ve taken the money, like most managers and not say anything, but he didn’t. He said Joe you are going to create your own content. Don’t worry, I’m going to help you. I am going to make sure you always own the IP, no matter what!”

Rogalski said in an interview: “I wanted Joe to own his own IP and decide on what his creative vision was without others interfering in that process. I believe each talent should have that right!” We hear the deal his management company worked out with Snapchat Spotlight keeps with in this credo. Vore can post whatever he wants to the platform, retain the IP rights, with little to no oversight from the powers that be at Snapchat.

The agency has helped him set up his own podcast including creating the podcast logos, designing the set and guided him on creating his own content. Vore has interviewed on his podcast some of the world’s most famous celebrities, among them are Gerard Butler (Copshop), Maggie Q (Divergent) and Alexis Louder (Black Panther). He is a correspondent for the popular movie review website Flickdirect.

Joe Vore

Even though he has had many interviews requests from well-known celebrities to be on his podcast. He has said, that best interview request was when one of his professors at ASU, after he graduated, reached out to him to ask if he could be a guest on his podcast. Vore learned after the interview was published that the professor required the podcast interview be viewed by his students as part of the course syllabus.

Vore with Actress Maggie Q

Vore is very talented; he creates what I like to call “Video Potato Chip Content” meaning it is very engaging and you can’t just watch one of them. Vore has signed several branding deals including ones with popular brands Coldest Water, Stepone, Avia Gaming Systems and Morgan and Morgan one of the country’s largest law firms. He also has branding deals with popular card games: Chicken Shit and Dating Assassins as well.

Snapchat Spotlight is clearly one of his largest deals and they clearly believe in Vore’s developing brand to sign such a deal. His authentic content ideas are engaging and unique to Vore himself. So the content he creates would be hard to replicate by other social media personalities. In my opinion, I think they made the right choice! He is clearly talented and draws the interest of brands and followers. This clearly makes him a rising star on the various social media platforms. So it was only a matter of time that one of these platforms would offered him a deal like this.



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